When you remove you wig ,some glue still on, if you feel unhappy? Ok , here are some tips about how to remove glue from lace wig.

When putting on a wig for the first time, perhaps the biggest concern is whether the adhesive will hold. After spending a few minutes removing the glue, you'll soon find that it's not an easy task.Don't worry, this article will detail how to remove the glue from your lace front wigs.

Perhaps you already have soaps and conditioners in your home. In addition to the steps below, use either one to clean the tip.

Step 1: Place the wig in the sink and fill it with water. The temperature of the water is irrelevant.

Step 2: Take some liquid soap or white conditioner and apply it to the glue covered area. Don't be afraid to overuse the product. The more you use it, the easier it will be to remove the glue. Always focus on the tip.

Step 3: Spray the toothbrush with water. Start gently brushing the tip. Wet the toothbrush again and continue to brush the tip.

Step 4: Brush the tip with a toothbrush for a few minutes. You will soon see the adhesive begin to peel off. It can also stick to your toothbrush. If this happens, use your finger to scoop the adhesive off the brush and continue brushing to the tip of the brush. You don't want glue down the drain.

Step 5: Rinse the tip thoroughly and inspect it well. If there is glue left on the tip, add more soap or conditioner and continue brushing.

Step 6: Rinse again and proceed with the shampooing and conditioning process as needed.

If you always worry about it, you can try glueless wigs for more affordable and time saving. This wig means that you don't learn how to remove glue from lace front wig.